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A magnificent landscape… Costley Mill Park will make your event unforgettable.

Group Events

A magnificent landscape… Costley Mill Park will make your event unforgettable.

With a gorgeous waterfall, pond and multiple beautiful settings, Costley Mill is perfect for any occasion – weddings,
company events, church functions, family reunions, parties, concerts, filming or private photo shoots.
The park’s peaceful atmosphere makes it ideal for small-scale functions or large events.

All organized events are required to have a rental reservation. “Organized Events” include, but not limited to:
Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Athletic, Company, or Organization gatherings.
Any other event determined to be an organized event by staff.

Company Events

This is the ideal place for corporate gatherings. The peacefulness offers an informal
atmosphere for company picnics or other corporate events.

Church Functions

Church outings bring congregations closer as they relax, laugh and play together.
The park has the flexibility that allows for small-scale functions or large church occasions.

Family Reunions

Family reunions strengthen and preserve strong bonds of kinship. Families come to Costley Mill from
across the United States to reunite and continue to support each generation. Parking is available.

TV and Movie Filming

​Let Costley Mill Park be the location for your next commercial, TV show, movie or company brochure.

The park has various buildings, a waterfall, a gold mine, an old moonshine still,
old hillside houses, a water raceway, old mill ruins, and many acres of pure nature.

Costley Mill Park has seen many film and television productions over the past 40 years.
Since the early 2000s dozens of shows have taken advantage of the facility’s rustic and natural
settings – providing locations for rivers, shoals, woods, rock formations, and even an underground mine.

Use of the facility really increased once Rockdale County was designated as a Camera-Ready community
in 2010 and the park was actively promoted by the Film Rockdale office.
Costley Mill Park has been a popular filming location for many block buster hits.

Some of the productions that used Costley Mill Park include:  An Actor Prepares, American Reunion,
Coat of Many Colors, Devils Knot, Endless Love, Felt, ID Thief, Thank You For Your Service,
Constantine, The Outsiders, Greenleaf, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries.